Computer Society Minecraft S​​erver

Access the CompSoc Minecraft server from Java

The native Java version for this Minecraft server is 1.20.4. To join use the address
The server is compatible with the Simple Voice Chat mod for in-game proximity voice chat.

Other allowed and compatible mods

Here is a list of some other mods you can use on the server:
Beenfo has server-side support for full functionality;
Item Swapper is explicitly allowed; we mention this as some servers might consider usage of such mods cheating;
- same rule applies for Inventory Profiles Next or similar mods.

Playing on newer or older versions of Minecraft

Compatibility with newer and older versions of Minecraft Java edition is facilitated using the ViaVersion and ViaBackwards server-side plugins. For extended compatibility you can install the ViaFabricPlus client-side mod.

Playing on Minecraft Bedrock Edition

The server is cross-compatible with Minecraft Bedrock Edition. To join, use the server address and port 19132.
If you own both a Java Edition and a Bedrock Edition account, you can link them on This will allow you to have the same account, skin and inventory across both versions.

Linking Minecraft and Discord accounts

In order to play on the CompSoc Minecraft Server, you will have to be a member of the Discord server and link your Minecraft and discord accounts. You can do this when joining the Minecraft server. You will get kicked with a message like this:

Failed to connect to the server
You must link your Discord account before you can join this server.
To link your Minecraft account to Discord, type:
/link <code>
in this server's Disoord server:

Now you will need to go to the CompSoc Discord server and use the `/link` command. Note that there are two available link commands, use the one with `Links your Discord account with your Minecraft account ...` in the description.
You should now be able to login after re-joining the Minecraft server.